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The only rule of Sandra St.Victor’s Sinner Child is ...
Rules? Yeah right.”


May 28th: Royal Theatre Carré, Amsterdam. A Concert For Bill Withers: 40 Years Of Great Music!
July 30th: River 2 River Festival, NYC. Steve Bernstein's MTO
September 11th: Paris. Steve Bernstein's MTO


Remix EP of AtMySpheres released with remixes by Seiji and Funkineven. Creation of the Rock EP begins in September with Vernon Reid in Staten Island.

Singer/Songwriter Sandra St.Victor is what people like to call experienced. But looking through her many faceted musical past, it would seem more that she is an experiencer. From recording touring and writing with/and & for the likes of Chaka Khan, Darryl Hall, Paula Abdul, The Temptations & Prince, a magical duet with legend Curtis Mayfield, to her groundbreaking work with The Family Stand, her tour creation Daughters Of Soul, as well as classic solo recordings, this artist wants to do it all. She can. SSV’s Sinner Child is the brain child, or sinful inner child of St.Victor. Grabbing the reigns of her own musical destiny during this most revolution-making time in history for artists. When finally, artists can chart their own paths with only their creative instincts guiding their footsteps. In this time, SSV’s Sinner Child is born. The mission, to act on a moment’s creativity, to wander fearlessly into the suburbs of her own mind, to tread boldly down rural roads less traveled in the dark ages of record company rule, to ...

You know what, she’s just having fun doing what she does, when she wants to do it, with who she chooses to do it to or with, and giving the people a backstage pass to watch a sinner child running giddily wild.

Sinner Child Europe
Greg Smith - MD / drums
Marcus Machado - guitar
Nanda Akkerman - vocals
Furlan Felter - vocals
Thomas Bank - keys
Michael Kamp - bass


Sinner Child US
Tom Hammer - MD / keys
V. Jeffrey Smith - horns, vocals, guitar
Marcus Machado - guitar
Leslie Lemon - bass
Scooter Warner - drums
Keith Fluitt - vocals


SSV’s Sinner Child for Numoon TV – Rotterdam Netherlands 2009
The first outing for Sandra St. Victor’s Sinner Child was taped for Numoon TV in Holland. Great show, great response. This is their version of SSV’s classic “Ghetto Heaven”.

SSV impromptu at One Mic Nite – NYC 2009
When you’re coerced into jumping up on stage at another artists performance, you may sometimes forget the lyrics. But I kinda like the spontaneity and vibe of this night.

Sly Tribute NYC 2009
I was honored to be a part of a massive celebration of the music & Sly Stone at Woodstock. The band was killer. Steve Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra featuring Bernie Worrel & Vernon Reid.

BriefIn a secret meeting at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in NYC, several top executives of the recording industry got together to discuss the plight of their business. A business that has netted billions in profit for years, but has been suffering without an end in recent times. These esteemed women and men decided to reiterate the rules of the game. These rules have been religiously employed for decades, but some have never been put to paper. Now they wanted them in writing. If for nothing else, to give themselves a feeling of control. Control which they have so desperately been missing of late. “The list” was secretly snapped via the spy-like movement of a deft assistant on her iPhone, as she was serving coffee. She managed to send the picture, but unfortunately has not been heard from since.

We've acquired a copy. Don't ask how.